Armory Show Week in New York celebrated its 100-year anniversary this year. As always, it caused quite a stir in the Big Apple. Mayor Bloomberg once said, “Every year, this week is one of the most exciting, and most important, on the cultural calendar." As we have stated before, Artsy acted as the event's exclusive online partner, displaying over 2,500 works by over 90% of the exhibitors at the fair online. The online platform allowed people everywhere to experience the art and learn many different details about the works. 

Artsy has compiled the top ten artists viewed on the site during the event. There are some people who you would expect, but some names might surprise. Below is the list of the best of show:

1. Andy Warhol

2. Hannah Hoch

3. Damien Hirst

4. Ryan Foerster

5. Pablo Picasso

6. John Currin

7. Roy Lichtenstein

8. Man Ray

9. Kiki Smith

10. David Hockney

[via Artsy]

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