For better, or for worse, the Internet is a hive of style trends. And no better platform exploits trends than Tumblr, where images are replicated and reblogged ad infinitum. Your Tumblr Dashboard is an infinitely scrolling catalog of brands, poses, attitudes, and scenes that depict various ideals of style and design. Some of it is torturous. Some of it is aspirational. Some of it is just ridiculous. Who has time to keep up? Um, we do—because it's our job, kind of. Welcome to the half-serious, totally influential Tumblr Trend Watch.

This week, we're highlighting bros doing what they do best: chillin' the EFF OUT, smiling because they are just hangin' with the dudes, and enjoying each other's company in a way that is totally BRAH-spirational. They also happen to be wearing some nice threads. Unlike the simpletons draped head-to-toe in mall brands, these dudes are definitely dripping with swagu. So much, that there are probably peasants following their every step with a mop bucket to sop it all up, struggle-style. Check out Tumblr Trend Watch: Bros Before Clothes.

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