Thom Browne is a rockstar amongst #menswear crowds. But did mainstream America know the designer before President Barack Obama's second inauguration? Maybe, but now he is much more well known. The New York Times profiled the head of the eponymous clothing line, and found his inspiration in much simpler times.

“I wanted it to be this distinct American style that people around the world could look to,” Browne said of Mrs. Obama's dress (that he designed for the inauguration). 

Still, the designer wants to keep his collections as limited as possible (not in reference to quantities, although that is true as well). “When people have too many choices, they make bad choices,” Browne said. 

The designer keeps his designs simple, but isn't afraid to make a sideshow out of his collections. “I want to put concepts in front of people that make them laugh or smile or even hate what I do,” Browne concluded.

[via NY Times]