Design Credits: Phat Farm, Argyleculture, American Classics

Started in 1992, Phat Farm signified a cultural shift in urban fashion. This was the era of rapper brands. While business magnate Russell Simmons took his cues from preppy labels like Ralph Lauren, he mixed it up with inspirations from street-friendly brands like Stussy. As a result, Phat Farm's cross-cultural appeal made it one of the few brands to outlast streetwear's first wave, and one of the only celebrity-owned labels of the time that still endures today. He also had other labels like Argyleculture and American Classics.

Even though Simmons stopped having design input at Phat Farm as of 2007, he paved the way for many other pioneers like PNB, and future adidas Creative Director Paul Mittleman, who worked for Phat Farm before taking the creative helm at Stussy.