Design Credits: Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabane, Gap

Patrick Robinson launched an eponymous label in 1997, but gained popularity through his work at other brands. In fact, Robinson is what some might call a fashion nomad, as in he's moved from brand to brand (and helped to revive some). He's held positions at Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabane, and more recently, Gap, where he was Executive VP of Global Design until 2011. He was responsible for much of the brand's resurgence and revamped jeans line.

While some designers might take pride in opertaing their own line, the Caifornia-native says he enjoys working for other companies and bringing it to where he thinks it should be. He's come a long way from making board shorts (he got interested in fashion because of the surfing culture) and has built a following, people who would be glad to see him sketching, designing, and doing all the awesome things designers do.