2. Helene Binet

Location: London

Swiss-born photographer Hélène Binet studied photography at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, where she grew up. She worked for two years as a photographer before turning to architectural photography. She has been cited several times as the "photographer to the starchitects," with "images that crackle with light, shadow, and texture, always forming an intimate investigation of the building in question." Such a statement would be bold if it was unfounded, but of course, Binet has had her fair share of notoriety. In fact, she has expanded her fan base since the release of a collection of her photographs entitled Composing Space. In an interview with Phaidon, the expert photographer admits that there are buildings she can't photograph, "There's a type of building, maybe a little bit more commercial glass and steel kind where I don't know what to grasp...It's all quite flat...and I don't know how to structure my image anymore."


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