When: September 2012

Most NYFW parties are polite little numbers where you're just there to say hi to the right people and everyone stays just long enough to not offend the host. Leave it to Supreme to do the exact opposite and make these boring-ass events fun and ratchet as hell. Our memories are a little fuzzy from that night, so we asked a few friends who were also there to give us their thoughts on the party, which included an incredible performance by Three 6 Mafia.

  • "It was crowded and hot as fuck."
  • "The strippers were completely and aggressively ratchet."
  • "Skate kids were going ham on the free Jameson."
  • "Everyone got champagne poured on them."
  • "Could barely see through the weed smoke in the club."
  • "There was a huge mob at the door fucking shit up."
  • "Three 6 Mafia was gettin' real fuckin' nutty on stage."

Sounds like an old-fashioned party with turnt up bass and ratchet levels. Too bad these are so rare during NYFW...