When: November 2011

Some daring fashion thieves (probably dressed in all-black, both for chicness and practicality) pulled off the fashion heist of the century when they stole the entire spring/summer 2012 Marc Jacobs collection. The clothes were en route from Paris to London for a press viewing, but never made it to the final destination. All 46 looks were yoinked from, reportedly, a delivery van at 8am in the upscale neighborhood of Mayfair, London.

Because they were samples, there were fears that counterfieters would soon be churning out cheap replicas of a collection that had a "sense of the Deep South, dance hall spirit." A duplicate set of samples was safe in NYC, so production went off without a hitch, but numerous European editors weren't able to view the clothes up close and personal due to ratchetness. In a modern-day twist on the Wanted: Dead or Alive flyers of the Wild West, Marc Jacobs tweeted that there'd be a reward for any info leading to the samples being discovered and returned.