When: May 2012

In what's become a signature move, Kidult sardonically tagged the Marc Jacobs SoHo storefront with "ART" in giant, pink letters. The usual way things happen after he does this is people pay attention for a few days, the store releases a statement or ignores it, cleans it up, and then everyone moves on.

This time, though, the contending king of ratchet fired back. Marc Jacobs took it upon himself to screenprint a t-shirt with a photo of his vandalized store, slapped some "ART BY ART JACOB$" text on it, and sold it for $680. Then shit got real Inception-esque as graphic t-shirt designer Wilfry started selling the Marc Jacobs t-shirt within a t-shirt for a mere $35. And when Kidult started selling his own version of the t-shirt with a photo of him bombing the storefront, the needle on the ratchet gauge broke through the glass, and even Leonardio DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan were confused.