When: Spring 2011

Look at you, Calvin Klein, you ratchety rascal. You may not have been able to get past the New York Knick's security guards, but you certainly got one F-bomb past the FCC for a minute. A billboard standing above the busy intersection of Houston and Lafayette in SoHo, featuring an undressed Lara Stone, raised both eyebrows and trouser-tents in the spring of 2011. 

It appeared as if that sneaky devil had snuck a subliminal "FUCK" into the giant billboard. The "F" was formed by the table in the background, the "U" was Lara Stone's area that's normally referred to as a "V," and the CK was the brand's logo. The controversial billboard was just one of a string of racy ads from the brand, all of which proved that Calvin Klein only gives a single fuck, and it was on full display for all of downtown NYC to look at.