When: November 2006

The cutthroat world of professional fashion modeling has had its fair share of ratchet moments, including a massive amount of tragic events dealing with impossible standards of beauty, mistreatment of male and female models, and turning a blind eye to very real problems. One of the saddest instances of these is the case of Ana Carolina Reston

The already petite Brazilian model was reportedly told that to her face at a casting that she was too fat, leading to her developing anorexia. She stuck to a diet that mainly consisted of apples and tomatoes as she attempted to keep up with the fashion industry's demand for rail-thin models. At the time of her death, Reston weighed 88 pounds. And, in true ratchet nature, the fashion industry continues to ignore the problems that affected Reston and continue on with crazy demands of models and perpetuating unrealistic ideals.