There's no one better to do a Complex Style History on than Justin Timberlake. He's been famous since childhood, which means there's been a camera on him at all times since 1992. There's photo evidence of his style which has progressed from his squeaky clean Mickey Mouse Club days to the frosted tips he rocked with 'N Sync to his current Tom Ford suit habit.

There's also no better time than now to look back at JT's fashion choices. He's on fire right now. His comeback performance at this year's Grammys showed that he hasn't lost the swag from his FutureSex/LoveSounds days. He's promoting his new album, 20/20 Experience, and doing a joint tour with Jay-Z. He'll be hosting SNL again on March 9, and will appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a whole week. So with all the good stuff going on in his life, a little teasing at his past outfits can't hurt too bad, right? The Memphis boy has had a wild sartorial ride from 1992 until now. See it all in Style History: Justin Timberlake.