Skingraft, an appropriate name for a brand that deals heavily with leather, has put out a fall/winter 2013 lookbook that will convince you to give this street goth thing a try. Drawing inspiration from the punks roaming the streets of Berlin and exorcising up ghosts of grunge's golden era in Seattle, Skingraft is positioned amongst a handful of brands who are dictating the dark, twisted, gothic direction of streetwear

Besides the intricate and luxurious leather goods they've become known for, Skingraft offers up dip-dyed oversized flannels, hand-knit wool items, and pieces that straddle the line between comfortable sportswear and progressive fits. So even if you're not ready to plunge into street goth 100% just yet, there's still something here for everyone. But, if you're down to try a skirtSkingraft's got you.