Since his early exposure to video game consoles and computersan Atari at five, a Commodore 64 at seven, and an Amiga at thirteen—Mert Keskin, better known as Haydiroket, has always been drawn to the digital world. Having access to a personal computer at a young age, he unleashed his potential when he began creating digital artworks for Demoscene groups in the mid '90s. His work resembles the aesthetic of 8-bit color graphics seen in early Nintendo, Sega, and Commodore devices.

After establishing a strong presence on Tumblr (HAYDIROKET), the company asked him to become one of their official GIF editors, and he's since collaborated with other talented artists on the platform. Haydiroket is also the leader of an electronic band, Midiroket, and has interests in glitch art, video mapping, animation, and photography.

Portfolio Review: GIF Artist Haydiroket Shares His Favorite Animations