As expected, Oscar de la Renta's decision to allow John Galliano to work at his design studio in NYC was met with some criticism. But De la Renta has always defended his choice, saying that everyone deserves a second chance. He expressed the same sentiment in a recent interview with New York Magazine

William Norwich sat down with the designer, who's celebrating his 50th year designing in New York City, to talk about his past, and of course Galliano. For those who are curious, he also addressed rumors of naming Galliano as his successor. Check out a few excerpts below. 

William Norwhich: You’re also forgiving. So, what’s it like having John Galliano here?

Oscar de la Renta: I think John is one of the most talented men I’ve ever met. I like him very much. The years I was doing Balmain in Paris, I went many times with Anna [Wintour] to his shows. It is so strange to me what people who don’t know Anna think of her. She is so wrongly guessed. She is the most wonderful person, so smart, and so funny, and an unbelievably loyal friend. So when Anna asked me if I would have John in my studio, I said yes. I also believe that everyone should have a second chance, especially someone as talented as John. And he has worked so hard on his recovery.

WN: There’s been talk that John might have a permanent place in your studio. Do you think there are enough similarities between you and John to warrant that speculation?

ODLR: I think the only similarities between me and John is that we both love what we do. I think we’re both learning from each other. I like hearing what he thinks should be changed and improved about each piece we are showing in the fall collection. I am not a loner. In fact, my Achilles’ heel is being alone. I’ve said that when I am designing a collection, I wish the Virgin Mary would sit next to me.

WN: Would you like him to continue working with you after Fashion Week?

ODLR: I would love for him to stay. Will he? I cannot tell you that today. Because we haven’t gone that far in really discussing it. The fact is we work very differently in New York than in Paris. It’s night and day. We work at a much faster pace. So the answer is we don’t know. We’re still exploring.

[via The Cut]