How long have you been a buyer and how did you get into it?
WITTMORE launched in September 2012 and I have been the buyer over the past year. I have spent the past 17 years in the business holding roles in brands for visual merchandising, marketing, PR and product merchandising.

What is your favorite seasonal collection buy of all time?
For FW12 it is hard to say. It was my first season and the whole assortment was strong coming out of the gate. Levi's Vintage Clothing and Gant Rugger were the two stand outs. But SS13 season will be my favorite to date. We launched with 21 brands and will be carrying over 30 brands this season. This coming season I had more comfort with who the WITTMORE customer is.

What brand's collection are you looking forward to getting most for SS13?
There are many new brands coming on board for SS13. Some of them that I was more adventurous in creating a stand out assortment will be coming from Ian Velardi, Isaora, Gitman Vintage, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Timo Weiland and Universal Works.

What advice would you give other buyers just starting out?
Well, my advice is to take your own point of view when going out there in the market place. If every retailer sold the same thing then why even exist. I think its important to look at as many brands as possible and hear the designer's inspiration and thought process of why their brand or brands are who they are. It gives you a different impression to what the brand is all about.