Ahhhh, do you smell that? Smells like buying season, folks! Collections being packed, unpacked and packed up again from Paris to New York for all to see. Well, not all, only those that make the big decisions, of course.

We spend a lot of time giving due credit to the designers that put together the seasonal collections we can't wait to get a lookbook glimpse of. And we always big-up the head honchos at the shops that carry them. But rarely does one of the most important pieces of that clothing exchange get the limelight; the buyer. Without their keen eye for what us as consumers want to see in-store, do you know what kind of crap we'd be seeing? Shutter at the thought. It's time to give them the recognition they deserve, as well as figure out what kinds of things tickle their fancy when it comes to buying. Bow down and pay homage, it's time to Meet The Buyer: Who's Behind The Clothes At Your Favorite Shops?

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