New York-based photographer Kevin Truong has been taking portraits of gay men who live all across the world. He started The Gay Men Project to show that there isn't one physical identity for homosexual males. He explains that when he came out to his 56-year-old mother five years ago, she said to him that she wondered what he would come to "look" like. "And so I'm trying to show people like her, who may not have very many reference points as to what a gay man is, that essentially there is no "look," Truong said. "I think a reader said it best, when he said being gay means nothing and everything at the same time."

The project is a lifelong work he hopes to extend to many cities across the world, however he is currently a student and funding his journey independently. He has currently photographed men in London, San Francisco, Portland, Batlimore, and Panama City. Below is a video he recently released showing his first 176 portraits in the order they were photographed.