Russell Westbrook might garner the most attention when it comes to stylish Oklahoma City Thunder players. But don't sleep on Kevin Durant either. Teen Vogue caught up with the NBA superstar and got an insight on his personal style. "I would describe my style as off-the-wall," Durant tells the publication, "I like stuff that doesn't match, I just like to standout."

At 6'8 and with a size 18 shoe, Durant not only stands out with his style, but also physically. So it comes as no surprise that his favorite fashion item is a one-size-fits-all backpack. "I own about 25 to 30 backpacks," Durant says. "I started carrying those just to put my things in, to be honest."

You've probably also seen KD in glasses, on more than one occasion. "I choose to wear glasses because, first off, I need 'em," Durant says. "I think it enhances my style a little bit and pushes me over the top when I wear different color glasses in different sizes and shapes."

Don't think that Durant is simply a passive observer in fashion, either. "I did see a lot of NBA players at [New York] Fashion Week," Durant adds. "Versace is probably one of my favorite designers, and I would love to go see one of their shows."

And who would KD most like to sit next to during a show? "If I could sit next to anyone, hands down, it would be Kanye West," Durant shares. "His style is only something that he can pull off, the leather pants, the kilts when he wears those, and I like his style."

We're not sure if KD could pull off a skirt himself, but there's always the aspiration. Find out what else the baller had to say in the video below.

[via MTV Style]