Sweatpants often get a bad rap. And with the cozy garment making a comeback this year, it's interesting to look at the East Coast skaters who rocked the much maligned bottoms. 

Don't front, when you saw Rob Welsh in Aesthetics' Ryde or Die: Vol 1, or Josh Kalis in Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis, you ran out and copped a pair of cargo sweatpants (some of us did, anyway). Sargo sweats and Rawkus' Soundbombing II were early 2000s essentials.

Even Brandon Biebel and his Ja Rule-fueled swagger pulled off a pair of sweats from time to time. When you look down and see that you have on a pair of jogging trousers (or whatever they're called), you can thank East Coast skate culture for not looking like a schlub. Seriously.