SSUR is on another level right now. Although the brand has recently made noise with a graphic tradeshow booth installation, it's also making dope clothes. The latest release is a continuation of the ongoing collaboration with Hong Kong-based Clot and their collaborative pop-up shop, Gutter Store.  This time, the collection reaches out to the Rick Ross impresarios across the Pacific with "Hong Kong Boss" T-shirt, hat, and sweatshirt.

We showed you the "Channel Zero" collection that the brands released for Valentine's Day. Now, there is another T-shirt added to the Channel Zero collection, this time with multi-colored text. So, whether you like witty parodies of high-end brands that feature '80s rap references, or fronting like you're a Far East underworld kingpin, this might be the collection for you. Unfortunately, you'll have to be in Hong Kong tomorrow (February 23) to purchase this collection.

[via Freshness Mag]