Bentley is known for its ultra luxurious handmade cars and now it introduces its first ever scent to match. The luxury car brand is releasing a line of cologne for those who want to smell like they rolled around in money all day. French crystal maker Lalique designed a crystal cap to go along with the infamous “Flying B” emblem. The scent has “woody notes and the leather accords”—which sounds like new car smell. The Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition is limited to 999 pieces and is priced at 3,000 pounds, which comes out to $4,577. One-percenters can finally stop wearing the same cologne that the rest of us normal folks wear.

No worries, Bentley has also created a version that you will probably find collecting dust in the fragrance aisle at Marshall’s. The two versions include “Bentley for Men” and “Bentley for Men Intense,” just in case the normal one isn’t powerful enough for you. The scent is similar but slightly different to the crystal edition, and set to an affordable price of 50 pounds (around $90 dollars). Now, who’s ready to smell like you own a very expensive car?

[popsop via stupiddope