This year, The Armory Show (taking place March 7-10 in New York City) celebrates its 100th anniversary. As such, the fair's receptions, open studios, art tours, performances, panels, artist discussions, and parties are on the way, and so are efforts to make all of it accessible to the rest of the world outside NYC.

This year, Artsy has teamed up with The Armory Show as their exclusive online partner, showing over 2,500 works by over 90% of the exhibitors at the fair. Viewers worldwide can examine the artwork in a variety of contexts—up close, in a gallery setting, per price point, or with related/similar artworks. The platform also allows one to inquire about and buy work through Artsy.

To celebrate this historic partnership further, Artsy is featuring curated posts by John Elderfield, Eric Shiner, Howard Rachofsky, Peter Brant, and Dasha Zhukova. In the words of Artsy's President and COO, Sebastian Cwilich, "Giving Artsy users the ability to explore the fair through the eyes of curators like John Elderfield and Eric Shiner, and leading collectors like Peter Brant, Howard Rachofsky, and Dasha Zhukova, is a powerful way to bridge the online and offline worlds and help our users discover, learn about, and collect art they’ll love."

Explore the works at The Armory Show on Artsy here.

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[via Artsy]