The use of 3D print is rapidly growing. As the technology develops, we will increasingly be able to digitally recreate things like cars and guns with a few clicks of a button. A standard quality 3D printer is available for sale to the general public for less than a Mac computer, which are priced around one thousand dollars. While the concept of digitally producing 3D objects is exciting, there are also a few drawbacks. If this technology were to become more mainstream, it would place a lot of power in the hands of the general public. 
Though 3D printing has some very promising potential in the scientific and medical fields, it does give the common man the ability to produce something lethal such as an automatic firearm. We would like to think that 3D printing would only be used to benefit society in ways such as manufacturing prosthetic limbs or fuel-efficient vehicles, but there are a lot of misguided people out there. Regardless of the pros and cons, here are 20 Items Being 3D Printed in 2013.