The Mattress Factory Art Museum

Location: Pittsburgh

2013 Exhibitions: Feminist and... (September 7 - May 26)

The name is deceiving—the Mattress Factory is less of an industrial establishment, and more of a cultural one. The Factory was founded in 1977 in two refurbished buildings on Pittsburgh's historic North Side and boasts that it "is one of few museums of its kind anywhere." The Mattress Factory is home to a number of room-sized installation works created on site by American as well as international artists. The installations at the Mattress Factory range from a one-story high teddy bear head to room-size architectural projections and fully immersive environments. The nature of the Mattress Factory sets itself apart in its form and specificity. The museum is striving and attempting to activate more than just the audience's sense of sight. Among the museum's diverse programming is a growing permanent collection that includes artists such as James Turrell, Winnifred Lutz, and Yayoi Kusama, among others.


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