Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)

Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

2013 Exhibitions: 99% Inspiration + 1% Perspiration = No Sweat (October 17 - TBA)

The slogan for the Museum of Bad Art in Boston reads, "Art too bad to be ignored." As much as important art exists, bad art is just as plentiful (if not more so). In the end, it's all relative, of course. The Museum of Bad Art had humble beginnings, specifically that of a basement in a private home. Since the museum's establishment in 1993, MOBA has grown to hold over 400 works in their permanent collection and two exhibition spaces in Boston. But beyond examples of interpretative Mona Lisas and fanciful self-portraiture, MOBA raises questions about the role of museums in communities and arbiters of taste in the art world.


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