Bauhaus Archive

Location: Dessau, Germany

2013 Exhibitions: Female Bauhaus:Gertrud Arndt, Weaver and photographer, 1923-1931 (January 30 - April 22), ON–TYPE: Texts on Typography (May 8 - August 5)

Walter Gropius initially founded the Bauhaus Archive in Darmstadt in 1960, but by 1964, the archive had already outgrown its Darmstadt home, and Gropius found himself as the designer of the Bauhaus' second archival-museum space. In 1971, it was suggested that the Archive move temporarily to Berlin. The concrete foundation was laid down in 1976, and the museum had fully relocated by 1979, where it has remained until today. Their permanent collection holds works from Lyonel Fenninger, Wassily Kandinsky, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Paul Klee, among many others.


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