Museums aren't just for people who love art and design. In truth, a museum is a place for anyone who's broadly interested in culture, whether it be their own or that of another people, country, or era. The "museum" is simply the building or vessel from which history, including the history of the present, is contained.

Most museums aren't just for browsing artworks and getting a souvenir at the gift shop, though. Many are often a sight to marvel at from outside, featuring architecture that even casual observers can appreciate. Many have community-focused activities, including concerts and workshops, and many more are free of charge or have days where admission is waived. A ton of museums even have restaurants and cafés that allow for longer, more enjoyable visits.

Some on this list are as specific as the Museum of Transportation, the Titanic Museum, and the Simone Handbag Museum, and some are as broad as the Tokyo National Museum and the de Young Museum. Others contain multiple museums and galleries, such as the Vatican Museums, Smithsonian Museums, and the Tate Museums. Others are dedicated to specific people, such as the Andy Warhol Museum and the Bob Marley Museum.

If you haven't already gotten the point, a museum can be a fascinating place, and no one is the same as the next. They are all over the world, and you could spend a lifetime trying to visit them all. Thanks to us, you don't have to go that far, for now. Browse our selection of 100 Museums to Visit Before You Die to see what you're missing from California to Scotland, Australia, Japan, and beyond.

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