Kanye West has made it known that he is much more than a rapper. He's a total artist who controls his visual output like no one else. Whether it's his personal style, his fashion line, his creative collective (DONDA), his album covers, or his tours, he knows how to direct a project and support his music through art. He's often worked with high-profile artists such as Vanessa Beecroft and George Condo to accomplish everything from installations at listening parties to paintings of album covers. 

With rumors of his new album (supposedly titled Rich Black American) floating around the Internet, we had to give our vote for who in the fine art world we think 'Ye should collaborate with next. A few of them may surprise you, but all of our selections were made with his track record, lyrics, and style choices in mind. Enjoy our take on 10 Artists Kanye West Should Work With. We'll see if he takes our advice.

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