Snoop Dogg has long been one of the most stylish influences on the hip-hop game. From relaxed hairstyles and blaxploitation-era suits to classic West Coast ensembles of Chucks, Dickies, and T-shirts, Snoop has never feared experimenting with style. But when does the experimentation turn into a serious "what the fuck you wearing?" The rapper recently posted a selfie of him smoking a blunt (no surprise) and donning French manicure. Let that soak in. A French manicure. Seriously? It's well-known that Snoop is the living embodiment of Super Fly, but how strong can your pimp hand be if you're afraid of a chipped nail? On the bright side, maybe this is an axe to the Snoop Lion moniker, and a return to Doggfather-era Snoop Doggy Dogg. If so, we're sure there are legions of fans who would break him off an endless stack of nail salon gift certificates. We can only hope.

[via Instagram]