Band: The Konrads; The King Bees; The Manish Boys; The Lower Third; The Buzz; The Riot Squad; David Bowie

With the end of the utopian '60s, no one was quite sure what was next. The Beatles were broken up, hippies had failed, and Mick Jagger had created the frontman rockstar archetype. Enter the insane weirdo named David Bowie, who brought us glam rock and the outrageous style that adorned his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust. Bowie championed avant-garde fashion, wearing clothes that were purely rocked for the wow factor. And just when Ziggy and glam were the biggest thing in the world, Bowie switched it up and started rocking slick British tailored suiting. With Bowie and Ziggy leading the way, doors were opened that showed the next generation of rockstars what was possible in creating a personal image.