Designer Takahiro Miyashita nearly caused an Internet riot when he announced that he was shuttering the beloved brand NUMBER (N)INE in 2009. The brand was an outlet where Miyashita combined his two obsessions, rock 'n roll and Americana, to create darker versions of classic clothing we thought we already knew. 

After getting kicked out of school for having too many side hustles (and smoking weed), Miyashita spent all his time in Harajuku and Shibuya - the epicenters of teen Tokyo fashion and way before they became glitzy tourist destinations. Miyashita cut his teeth at Nepenthes, and later started Number (N)INE, creating dramatic interpretations of Americana with grunge and punk acting as muse in every collection. While his cult-like fans were upset with him for shutting down Number (N)INE, how could anyone stay mad at a guy who answers interviewers with "You would have to ask my brain"?

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