The first dose of international fashion that the Japanese had in the 20th century was the military wear that occupying US soldiers wore in post-WWII Japan. This ongoing fascination led to the establishment of Buzz Rickson's in 1993, a company that produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment. For example, Buzz Rickson's has been known to intentionally mess up stitching in order to mimic the unreliable machines used at the time. 

Though the brand's creed dictates that they only reproduce items that already existed, fiction became reality when science fiction author William Gibson penned a novel in which the protagonist wears a Buzz Rickson MA-1 Flight Jacket. This item never existed, but enough style nerds petitioned Buzz Rickson until the William Gibson collection, including the now famous MA-1 jacket, was born.