Who He Is: Founder, Hypebeast

In 2005, Kevin Ma started an online magazine dedicated to tracking the release of highly-coveted sneakers. With a name built on somewhat self-deprecating humor, Hypebeast quickly became a main source of information for streetwear enthusiasts looking to know where and when they would be able to get their next sneaker fix. With 3 million unique views per month, Ma is arguably the most important person on the Internet when it comes to dictating which streetwear brands are worth knowing about. With an audience as large as Hypebeast's, a single post can be validation enough for a brand to be successful.

Last year, Hypebeast not only has launched a print magazine, but also an e-commerce store—diversifying the brand's reach while monetizing the very goods it champions. Hypebeast is a true game changer, minimizing the reach between brands and consumers and creating the type of hype atmosphere we're ranking in this very list. In addition, the Hypebeast forums have served as schools for streetwear knowledge—and trolling.