Who He Is: Founder, HUF

The semi-eponymous collection of skateboarder Keith Hufnagel, HUF was founded in 2002 and has retained notoriety since. Hufnagel remains one of streetwear's most prominent and authentic contributors, perhaps due to his pro-skater roots and more recently by way of Odd Future's endorsement of the label. While Odd Future's fame has certainly helped diffuse HUF across America and internationally, its members are just a small sampling of fans whom have contributed to the years and years of success HUF has enjoyed.

It is this success which has earned the label collaborations with Converse, Nike, and Jansport. Although HUF has moved away from brick and mortar retail—shuttering popular stores in LA and SF—it maintains a strong wholesale business and has grown into new areas, like a full sneaker line. Year after year, the label puts out solid offerings like its near-ubiquitous "Plantlife" socks and caps. At the end of the day, Huf values skate culture over clothing trends, which is how it's maintained its integrity for so long.