Here's a fresh idea: A vending machine that produces an artist-designed vinyl figure right before your eyes. Actually, its an old idea but Chicago's Rotofugi is bringing back the classic arcade amusement Mold-a-Rama as a conduit for unique blow-molded polyethylene art—the Roto-a-Matic. The gallery is currently offering Tim Biskup's "Helper Dragon," produced at the moment in a fetching pale green.

To get the toy, you simply fork over $6 for a token, then pop it in and watch your limited-edition art form right before your eyes. Rotofugi changes the color monthly, so even as the designs stay the same the runs change. 

Don't worry if you can't go to the gallery yourself. For the same $6 price, a friendly staff member will run the machine for you and ship 4.5" of Biskup your way.

For more on the Roto-a-Matic watch the video below.

[via Rotofugi]