Rihanna is the perfect example of what personal style can do for someone's career. The singer is propelled by an aesthetic and look that draws in even more fans to her lifestyle. So, it came as no surprise when Ms. Fenty wanted to step behind-the-scenes and create her own fashion line. She's been working on her premier collection with River Island, and the singer has finally shared thethought process behind her first collection in an intimate video.

"I've wanted to design my own fashion line for a very long time," Rihanna says. "This is something I've wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion."

The singer wasn't content with her current style options, and her creative mind started to contemplate the fashion world as well. "Every time I saw something on a rack, I wanted to do something to it, to change it," Rihanna shares. "This is my way of doing that, teaming up with River Island."

Never one to disappoint and be boring, Rihanna claims that the collection is inspired by her personality. "My style is definitely inspired by my mood," Rihanna explains. "So, this collection will definitely have a range of different moods, different attitudes, because I'm assuming my fans will be the same way."

Watch the complete interview below.

[via Daily Mail UK]