You hate waxed cotton, I get it. Your idea of fun isn’t sitting home under candlelight, romantically brushing wax onto your 2-month-old, dusty Barbour that looks like it’s fucking older than you are. You’re on that new wave shit. Mixing new technology with fashion is, like, the hot new thing to do, right? Cool, perfect. I got you. This Margaret Howell waterproof jacket is made out of PVC. I’m pretty sure that’s the same shit that is used in piping nowadays and allows you to take a hot shower every morning—next level stuff that’s kind of not next level at all and has been around for a while. I’m also kind of sure that in about 10 years it will be proven that PVC gives you some type of ill type disease, just like everything else in life. So, roll the dice, bro, and get, get, get it.