United Arrows and Reigning Champ teamed up to make a bunch of striped cotton goodness. Get this blanket from The Woodlands and be sure to buy yourself an antique blanket pin. (I’m saying "antique" now because "vintage" was played the fuck out in 2012.) People will lose their shit when they realize you can turn any blanket into a poncho or shawl with a blanket pin. Also, those joints look sick as lapel pins on your overcoat. YOU DO PUT LAPEL PINS ON YOUR OVERCOATS TOO, RIGHT? THIS ISN’T A REMEDIAL STYLE SITE. GO OVER TO PUT THIS ON FOR SOME BASIC ASS INFO LIKE THAT. But yeah, striped blanket/ponchos are gonna be big in 2013. All your friends will be calling you Linus because you're gonna be taking blankets everywhere you go.