We've all heard it before, "don't wash your jeans, the more wear, the better." This may be true (to a certain extent), but Levi's Vintage Clothing is doing its best to give denim bros an initiative to hit the laundromat a little more often: a raw denim laundry bag. While the bag may cost as much as a pair of new denim ($163), you can't really put a price on not smelling like nine months of sweltering odors. And here's a little secret: the more you wash your jeans, the cooler the fades become. Plus, if you decide to dress like a 1920s-era railroad worker, you might be able to toss this bag over your shoulder and catch a ride West on the tincar of dreams (or something else that sounds like a Kerouac or Steinbeck novel). Norse Store has this item in stock.