Junya Watanabe is that dude, for life. The former assistant to Rei Kawakubo is next-level. Yes, that phrase is tossed around a lot. But, consider this: how many designers who are "avant-garde" (we're looking at you, Yoko Ono) actually make clothes that you want to wear? Not that many. The designer's collection for fall/winter 2013 refreshes because it is so humble. The clothes look to be more at home in a Charles Dickens novel than in the most urbane environments. While this might make it hard for you to justify shelling out serious cash (we understand), take a look at the designer's patchwork perfection. Mash-ups are hard to execute properly, but somehow Watanabe is able to succeed in this department, and does it well. So basically, it boils down to the fact that tweeds are awesome, patchwork (when done well) is awesome, and bragging that you're rocking made in Japan head-to-toe never gets old. Don't believe us? take a look through the thumbs.

[via Hypebeast]