Israel has been making headlines lately in the fashion industry. The latest news from the Middle Eastern nation is uplifting and inspiring—women are turning away from prostitution to receive training in the fashion industry. The women are taking courses that help them learn seamstress work.

“The course gave me a lot of self-confidence and knowledge,” Aviva said. “Maybe one day I’ll be able to start something of my own. When they gave me the certificate — the first in my life — I was proud of myself. I’d done something positive.”

Not only are the women learning how to produce garments, but they are also being given the opportunity to work in retail environments. “Working in stores will help them integrate into the real world,” Mr. Reiss said.

While most look at fashion as an escape from their own reality, it is good to see that troubled women are able to find a safe haven and comfort in a world that many view as materialistic.

[via New York Times]