Los Angeles-based artist Hassan Rahim creates work inspired by his childhood memories and adolescent fantasies using photography, collage, and mixed media. Having previously done art direction and projects for OBEY clothing, THVM Atelier, Flaunt magazine, and more, Hassan has made a name for himself commercially in the art and design world. He also appeared in our How To Make It series last July, giving aspiring artists and designers the advice to "stay true."

January 18 marks the opening of his first solo exhibition at HVW8 gallery in Los Angeles, which will be up until February 22. As a whole, it investigates "the icon" and "nostalgia" as phenomena, using cultural figures like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, and Don King to reveal messages of simplicity and great depth. After contributing to a successful group show at HVW8's downtown Miami group show during Art Basel, it makes sense that Hassan would expand on the ideas he's presented so far. If you're in Los Angeles, don't miss this.

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