GANT Rugger is out to prove that Swedes can do classic American sportswear better than Americans. To prove this, the brand assembled six (American) bloggers to model its clothes at Pitti Uomo 83. Dubbed Team Americano, Gant documented the influence of the stylish American male who travels abroad. Sean Hotchkiss (J. Crew), Lawrence Schlossman (Four Pins), Zeph Colombatto (writer), Gabe Alonso (Gilt), Noah Emrich (photographer), and Justin Chung (photographer) were brought together by Gant's Christopher Bastin to show their appreciation for tailored men's clothing in the classic American aesthetic. The guys donned navy blazers, no-break trousers, four-in-hand knots, and button-down collar shirts amidst the sprezzed-out swag that Florence is famous for. The result? A look that is just at home for a weekend with handcrafted ales and clams in Ipswich, Massachusetts as it is drinking red wine spritzers and sampling prosciutto in northern Italy. Still, if you want to rock this gear on gritty New York streets, we think you'd look fly. Expect further in-depth coverage from these guys in the upcoming months that documents their travel experiences. Also, you can shop the collection here.