How is it possible that Jean-Michel Basquiat's legacy has multiplied so much in the past five years? Thanks to rappers, a few posthumous collaborations (including a speculated one with Supreme), a market that favors his work (one of his Untitled 1981 pieces sold for $26,402,500 at Christie's last November), and a generation of young artists who relate to his life story, Basquiat's presence is felt almost as if he were alive today.

As of minutes ago, Gagosian Gallery confirmed in a press release that they will be having a Basquiat exhibition from February 7 to April 6, 2013, at their 555 West 24th Street NYC location, featuring over 50 works from public and private collections. The retrospective is just as important for fans and patrons of the artist as it is for examining the Neo-Expressionart art movement as a whole. Despite what many of us know about his work—including its explorations of masculinity, the primitive, race, and abstraction—the release is prefaced with his quote, "It’s about 80% anger." Certainly this major exhibition will bring with it both more answers and more questions.

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