First We Feast posted a long-form article today entitled "Arbiter of Taste: Exploring the Uneasy Convergence of Food and Fashion." As chefs increasingly become their own brands, it's no secret that a Michelin star or crowded restaurant is no longer the sign of a successful business. Chefs have been extending their reach into the worlds of media, celebrity, and now fashion. 

The article explores whether chefs should be entering the fashion arena, which, in the author's opinion, means we're "facing the increasingly unpleasant trend of chefs as fashion spokesmen, and, even worse, actual designers of clothes." Ultimately, the author calls for the "end [of] this unholy food-fashion alliance before it gets too far off the ground." Click through for a fascinating read on the influence chefs have today, and how their tastemaking is no longer restricted to the kitchen.

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[via First We Feast]