A$AP Rocky is really into fashion. He's not shy when it comes to rapping about obscure designers, he's friends with the likes of New York's trendiest talents, Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang, and his outfit reblogs on Tumblr stretch longer than the 1 train. And in case you didn't know, the P in PMF stands for peculiar. Just take a look at his street goth looks—they're only easy to pull off if you're the adventurous type. And adventurous types are usually weirdos.

We give daps to any guy who is willing to push fashion forward, and Rocky happens to be one who takes a style risk every time he steps out into the spotlight. But is his fashion misunderstood by the rest of the world? Take a look at how others may have received his "different" looks is Clothes Get Weirder: A$AP Rocky's Wildest Looks.

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