Any menswear blogger worth half his weight in make believe girlfriends knows that you never, and I mean NEVER, give up a good product tip until you've successfully secured that gear for yourself—that's carpetbagging 101. If you're a next level scoundrel you may even keep the precious intel completely to yourself in hopes that you never have to simultaneously shake your head in disgust with some random dude you pass on the street who's wearing your shit. Yes, dude playing (insert your name here) dress up is thinking exactly the same fucking thing. Thankfully, I'm as nice as it gets in the digital men's section (read: a huge dick), so let me fill you in on my weekend's best purchase. Uniqlo's short blouson, which is part of their new spring arrivals, is a lightweight MA-1 style bomber for 10 cents less than $60. It's way too cold to wear on its own right now, but it's a choice middle layer until early spring. It'll come off the bench and log some solid minutes if you need it—the jacket equivalent of Grant Hill's corpse if you will. If you end up seeing me on the street, straight awkwardly eye hating you quite visibly, don't even sweat it. Seriously, no worries. I'm just going to murder you anyway.