More than 650 personal items of President John F. Kennedy are set to go on sale next month. The photographs, knick knacks, and gifts are all being auctioned off from the private collection of David Powers, who was JFK's Special Assistant during his presidency, and worked alongside Kennedy from the '40s until his assassination in 1963. 

The collection of for-sale items is huge, but for clothing nerds the true gem is JFK's personal bomber jacket that was later worn by his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, who borrowed it from Powers. The fur collar and rich leather are nice and all, but there's also a Presidential seal that is quite possibly the most bawse detail that can ever be added to a garment. If you can afford the estimated $20,000 - $40,000 price tag, then cop this immediately and stunt on everyone who is not currently addressed as Mr. President.

[via Gawker]