We don’t normally cover sales here at Four Pins because buying shit on sale is for amateurs. You need to holler at full price the minute anything comes out because, if I know anything, it’s that being the first to own a hot piece of clothing is more important than how good it looks or if you have enough money to eat those fancy hamburgers you love so much. But, because White Mountaineering sale prices are still more expensive than most regularly priced gear, we’ve made an exception. This hopsack luggage jacket has eight pockets on the body ALONE, plus two on the arm and one on the back. PLEASE, PLEASE put something suspicious in one of the pockets just to make the police pat down all eleven of your pockets. Although, be careful about what you put in the back compartment. I have a jacket with a game pouch and I thought it would be cool to put a ton of beers back there when I was at a lame house party so I wouldn’t have to keep waiting in line to get more free beer. I WAS LIKE BEER JESUS, MULTIPLYING ONE BEER INTO MANY BEERS. Then I forgot two were back there and sat down and almost broke my spine Bane style. ANECDOTE OVER *logs out*.